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Hotel Susantha Garden begn life in 1971 as the Susantha Batik Factory, a low-walled, thatched compound where brilliant batiks were hand-crafted for sale to tourists. In response to visitor demands it expanded to include a simple restaurant. To cater for guests who liked the relaxing atmosphere and wanted to stay, seven rooms were built in 1982

As more rooms were added, the guesthouse became a hotel, blossoming successfully along with the flowers, bushes and trees in its glorious central garden, in place of the batik factory.

Today it has 22 rooms including two new and fully-equipped self-catering apartments and air-conditioned suites. The young staff members are keen to see guests are happy, adding to the delight of staying in this pretty, Sri Lankan owned and operated, independent hotel. Here is the artical about Hotel susantha garden


The hotel adjoins the Bentota National Holiday Resort created on the southern bank of the broad Bentota River. There are several top class hotels and many attractions in the area, including watersports, village tours to see ancient rural crafts, river safaris, and the Galpatha Temple reputed to be 900 years old.

Bentota is famous for its toddy production, an alcoholic beverage made out of coconut nectar. Bentota is also the centre for the art of healing, called Ayurveda, and there is even an Ayurveda Treatment Villa for special therapy at Hotel Susantha Garden.

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